The Internet of Things and Eventuate

One of the ways that we, at Eventuate, can go the extra mile and ensure that you get the exact event that you desire, is by staying up to date on the latest developments in the tech world. One of these developments that we find incredibly exciting is the Internet of Things (IoT).

So what is IoT, you ask?

It is a network that connects everyday objects via the internet; it’s a system that transfers data without human interaction. Basically, this is what’s referred to as smart technology. Where we can rely on sensors to activate, for instance the lights when someone enters a room. It’s the system that enables traffic lights to monitor and manage the flow of traffic. More importantly, it’s a network that facilitates real-time adjustments to ensure the best fit for a situation.

IoT allows us to support the technical or systematic solutions we provide to ensure it everything runs smoothly and seamlessly, regardless of where we are.

Using this technology, we are better equipped to engineer your imagination perfectly, for example, to make the lights shine on the exact right spot for your stage events. IoT enables us to make any changes to, for example your media, stage or marketing event, without having to make manual adjustments to the setup. We can even create ID tags or wristbands so that you can analyse where the majority of your guests spent their time, or if you organised a race you will be able to gather each individual’s performance stats.

More than just simplifying events or support services, IoT is the perfect tool to create smart boardrooms. Imagine controlling the air con, lights or locking the boardroom doors from the palm of your hand. Implementing an IoT system in your boardroom can, ultimately, lead to reduced costs. Not only will you be able to monitor the use of the boardroom more effectively, but you will also be able to budget more accurately on things such as coffee. To explain, IoT captures data and fills information gaps; hence, you can predict how much coffee you should budget for based on previous consumption.

Eventuate also specialises in home systems and have had great successes implementing IoT systems in private homes. Living in a smart home is not a concept reserved for the movies anymore, we can connect your whole house to your chosen devices. Turning on your oven when you leave the office to ensure that everything will be cooked on time for your dinner party or when you’re away on holiday you can monitor and switch on the TV and lights for instance, to create the impression that someone is home. We can help you set up and maintain the system of your dreams.

In only a couple of years, smart devices have significantly changed the way we live and go about our daily lives. Where it’s heading? No one can say for sure, but Eventuate will follow these developments every step of the way, to ensure that we deliver the very best products and services.

Trust Eventuate to bring your event to life. Share your imagined event with us, and we will engineer it. No matter where you are, we will find a way to provide the support you and your event need. Call 011 791 46 85 today.

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