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Interactive big screens are a relatively new concept in South Africa. As a company that prides itself on staying up to date on new technological trends and developments, you can rest assured that Eventuate is actively playing in the field of giant touchscreens.

We are thrilled about all the possibilities that these screens enable. We can install big touchscreens, so that your expo visitors can play games, operate and use product demos themselves, or look at how machinery is assembled. Your stand will be transformed from an ordinary one-dimensional stand into an interactive information hub. These screens are perfect for real estate shows, where clients can experience show houses as if they are walking through the house themselves.

What if you could create virtual clothing stores, where customers can look at their “reflection in a full-length mirror” and try on different clothes by simply swiping the screen? Without any effort from the customer, they are able to try several different items. Or even street activations for your brand, where pedestrians can interact with your products to better understand why they need it. These are no longer “what ifs”, with Eventuate’s assistance, there is no limits to what you can do.

Imagine how your presentations would transform when you use a big screen on which you can flip through slides, zoom in or out, pause videos, type – just like on your regular touchscreen. These big screens allow for a lot more interactivity between the audience and the speaker, which is why they are so well suited for educational purposes. You can make notes on the screen, move it around and demonstrate how things work in great detail. More importantly, learners are able to participate actively in the lessons by interacting with the screens and experiencing the inner workings of the lessons themselves.

Eventuate is an industry leader in technological and systematic integration for events, businesses and personal use. We rely on these great tech developments to take your event to the next level for a unique and wondrous experience. What’s even more, we can design the supporting programming to custom-build the event you desire.

Call 011 791 46 85 today, and Eventuate will engineer your imagination. We are passionate about delivering the very best products and services to our clients.

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