3D rendering in the events industry

There are so many aspects to planning and pulling off a successful event, from the catering through to the sound and lighting, but what if there was someone or something that could assist you in the conceptual phase to better plan your event?

This is where 3D rendering can make a huge difference.

3D rendering uses software such as DClock or Lumion to build a virtual model of your event beforehand to give you a visual representation of what the venue will look like. In this way, you will save time and money – instead of having to rebuild all the technical aspects of your event once it’s set up, you can simply ask for things to be rearranged via the virtual model. Also, should there be a possible issue because of the layout, the necessary precautions can be taken to ensure that your event runs smoothly. With 3D rendering you will know exactly what you pay for and you’ll have a visual understanding thereof.

Once the 3D model is created, creating 2D images for print layout is quick and easy. Clients can request these visuals to use in any documentation, such as real estate pamphlets, to give their own clients, in turn, a better experience and understanding of what to expect from their products or services. 3D rendering also enables architects and interior designers to showcase their products even before construction begins.

Eventuate is one of the first South African technical event companies to rely on 3D rendering in order to better assist their clients. They believe that these virtual models are an essential part to construct the exact event their clients need. By showing clients where the cables will be or where the stage will be built, they can better plan the other components of their events. Ultimately, clients will enjoy an enhanced service experience, because they will have a visual understanding of their event before it takes place.

By using this visualisation tool, Eventuate can deliver on their promise to give their clients the very best client service and technical event solutions possible.

At Eventuate we engineer your imagination. Our packages include 3D event rendering as well as 2D images for visualisation purposes. Call 011 791 46 85 today. www.eventuate.co.za

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