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Technical Production

Eventuate is an intimate, highly innovative and flexible technical rental company. Not only do we provide our clients with top of the range equipment and professional service, but we also ensure that they receive the highest level of production value available in South Africa.

Our years of professional experience working in the live events industry have sharpened our capabilities to design, construct and produce a wide variety of conferences, corporate events, product activations, launches, shows, meetings and technical projects while offering audio, video, lighting, scenic, and staging production support along with quality all-round service. We believe that by combining our extensive knowledge of live events, professionalism, innovation and flexibility we can make anything possible, its imagination engineered!

We’ll engineer your imagination.

How we accomplish this?

From audiovisual equipment hire to stage implementation, we’re your one-stop shop.

Our expertise enables us to guide you towards the equipment best suited to your specific needs and budget.

We are fully equipped to manage your whole project for you, depending on your brief.

Eventuate gives you the peace of mind to focus on the rest of your event by managing the technical production from conception to completion.

While you focus on your guests and performance line-up, Eventuate will ensure that your presentations will run smoothly.

We will deliver excellent cover footage of your event in a format of your choice.

More than just the video footage of your event we will also ensure that the sound is of the highest quality in post production when producing the clips.

Eventuate has the imagination and innovation to design and construct the set or stage to fit your desired event.

With years of experience in 3D modelling, we can provide photorealistic visualisations for proof of concept, planning, technical design, and aesthetics or provide any graphics you want to incorporate in your visual components.

Systems Integration

With an engineer-driven approach to problem-solving, we understand that no two clients or design solutions are the same. Every project we do is custom designed and tailored to our clients’ needs and budget. If you can imagine it, we can engineer the perfect solution.

Eventuate offers a wide range of audiovisual, command and control, information technology, system design, installation, and maintenance solutions.

But we understand that clients need more than the best audiovisual technology, which is why we provide the support they need from conception to completion and far beyond to ensure their solutions work as reliably and intuitively as promised.

Eventuate has a passion for technology and a flair for helping companies and organisations adapt in order to keep up with the pace of change. We provide innovative, effective and efficient solutions to our clients, using integrated systems to enhance presentations, communications and workflow, increase productivity, inform, and engage.

How we accomplish this?

Eventuate will design and implement the technical schematics for your unique project requirements.

We deliver exceptional hardware, design concepts and infrastructure for information technology, surveillance, automation and digital signage networks, making the improbable possible.

Every project is unique in desire and outcome, hence, we will find and integrate a system solution best suited to your needs with any custom manufacturing requirements.

With years of experience in 3D modelling, we can provide photorealistic visualisations and schematics for proof of concept, planning, architectural aesthetics, and technical design.

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